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The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

These presents are perfect for Mother’s Day — or any day.

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photo collage gifts to get for mothers day
Elena Lacey
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Mother’s Day gifts are like stocking stuffers for spring — thoughtful presents that need not be expensive. Of course, they always can be, but it’s not a requirement. More than anything, they are about the mom you are shopping for — what she appreciates and what you appreciate about her.

As a mother of two grown daughters, I like to think every day is Mother’s Day. So, it is perfectly okay to give your gift any day — even long after the holiday.

To guide your quest, we’ve compiled some personality traits and offered suggestions that can help you find a gift these mothers — young or older — will enjoy and actually use. The rest is up to you!

For the good listener

This mom is always there to hear your story of the day no matter how good or disastrous. Let her know how grateful you are by adorning her ears with just-right jewelry. Like the Petra Mini Drop Earrings ($44, anthropologie.com) — which have become viral sensations on TikTok for their molten magic — earrings need not be big to make a splash.

The craftsmen at Chan Luu strike a delicate balance that’s both petite and dramatic. Their Lisbeth Drop Earrings feature an artistic stack of gems, pearls and gold chips, while the Balloon Earrings Turquoise showcase a gemstone ball encircled by a golden wire cage ($95-$115, chanluu.com).

If the mom on your list is more of a minimalist, we have you covered there, too. You can’t go wrong with a fan favorite like Basic Hoop Earrings ($20, bananarepublicfactory.com), especially when they come in a two-pack that lets you both enjoy a pair. To add a new twist — and shape — to the standard hoop, try the noticeably different Geometric Rectangle Square Hoops ($18, humblechic.com).

For the comfort queen

Whether your gift is for a trend watcher or an earth mother, there’s a comfortable shoe just waiting for them to slip into. With the popularity of cargo pants and other utilitarian pieces, footwear that once seemed too roughhewn for general consumption has now gone mainstream.

Sandals like the Teva Original Universal ($36-$55, nordstrom.com) are as likely to be found dining al fresco at lunchtime as rafting the Grand Canyon river that inspired them nearly 30 years ago. In springy shades of papaya, surf green and fondant pink, Birkenstock’s Arizona Waterproof Slide Sandal ($50, nordstrom.com) delivers a pop of color whether at the beach or the farmers’ market. The trendy moms know that retro styling is the hot thing in sneakers and they are also a bit more pricey to gift: Nike, Adidas and Reebok have re-engineered iconic ‘70s-‘80s styles and reissued them under new names like the Cortez Vintage Sneaker, the Samba OG and Club C 85 Vintage. Prices hover in the $80-$100 range.

For the scent-sible

She may have a signature scent or be constantly buzzing from one fragrance to the next, but you know this mom likes perfume. Satisfy her with some variety to spice up her spritzing routine. Discovery collections make it easy to sample four to six diverse bestsellers from brands such as Tom Ford, Gucci ($32-$39, ulta.com) and Tocca Olio ($12, anthropologie.com).

Perfume powerhouses also are partial to packaging their fragrances in gift sets of related scents. Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Gucci play in this space with combo packs of their Daisy, Born in Roma and Gorgeous scents, respectively ($34-$48). Still lost? Take the Perfume and Cologne Quiz at sephora.com.

For the "busy body"

Give moms who are always on the go an excuse to sit back and relax with a do-it-yourself day spa at home. Pack their goodie bag with a customized selection of pampering body products. Start with a mini-facial masquerading as a sheet mask, such as Pacifica’s Disobey Time ($4, amazon.com). Add in Winky Lux's Wakey Wakey Under Eye Patches ($22/30 pairs, ulta.com) that act as a morning cup of coffee for the eyes.

Another good bet is a super-conditioning hair mask like African Pride Moisture Miracle Masque with Moroccan Clay and Shea Butter ($7, walmart.com) to provide an extra jolt of hydration that benefits coarse, wiry or chemically treated hair.

For hardworking hands, include spa-like gloves such as Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Mask ($5) that moisturize and soothe delicate skin. And don’t forget about feet that may need help getting ready for sandal weather. Que Bella Intensive Foot Sock Mask ($5, target.com) is up to the task of softening heels and soles that have spent a long winter hiding in woolly socks.

For the sleeping beauty

Some may call her a bit bougie, but she’s not shy about admiring the finer things. If that sounds like the mom you’re gifting, she’ll appreciate the beauty-enhancing qualities of a silk pillowcase. For hair and skin care, this luxury fiber has a lot going for it when compared with more traditional cotton. Silk’s soft, smooth texture doesn’t snag hair or tug skin, meaning less bedhead and maybe even fewer wrinkles. Unlike cotton, it isn’t absorbent, so natural oils and night creams won’t be sucked from the skin. Among its other superpowers, silk is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and a natural temperature regulator.

When selecting pillowcases, look for high-quality mulberry silk and a weight of at least 22 to 25 momme (mm). Options include offerings in dozens of colors from Quince, Fishers Finery and Lilysilk ($40 and up at their online retail shops).

For the ever ready

This mom is ready for anything. Breath mints, tissues, hair ties and more are stuffed into her giant tote that’s seen better days. Up her game with a slouchy bag that has more fashion flair and just as much interior room. The best ones have a snap closure so she needn’t worry about losing anything.

In cream or taupe, the highly rated Love Knot Slouchy Bag ($98, anthropologie.com) comes with a removable zippered pouch, while the Vegan Leather Slouchy Tote in black ($63, bananarepublicfactory.com) has an interior zippered pocket to keep things secure during summer travel. Montana West offers a range of springy hues to choose from in its Hobo Bag with Coin Purse with three style variations and 40 colors, and the Slouchy Satchel comes in 15 bright-to-basic shades ($24-$27, amazon.com).

Now, you’re all set! You’re ready to find the ideal gift for any mother on your list — including a little something for yourself!

What are YOU most hoping to get for Mother's Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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