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Products That Will Take You Back in Time

 Tried and tested, these items are sure to unleash your inner child.

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Elena Scotti
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While there is no fountain of youth to wash away the growing pains of midlife, a few creative products are sure to take you back to your younger years — even if only for a moment. Tried and tested by yours truly (and some of my closest girlfriends), these are sure to unleash your inner child: 

Roll-On Lip Gloss

Nothing says middle school quite like a nicely flavored (strawberry, grape, bubble gum, you name it) roll-on lip gloss. My sister remembers daydreaming about kissing a boy with her freshly glossed and deliciously scented lips and, oh, the nostalgia just kicks right into overdrive, doesn’t it? Why not buy a few of these to pop in your purse and glide onto your luscious lips throughout the day. It is sure to bring you back to younger years and get a few giggles from your closest friends and coworkers. There’s Blossom Roll-On Lip Gloss in a variety of fruit flavors. Or, if you crave a more sophisticated gloss, try Sephora’s Roller Baby Lip Gloss in one of three tints for just $10. 

Great Leggings

Great leggings are nothing short of a miracle. Remember the days when you were young, skinny, cellulite-less and you could wear just about anything and look (and feel) great while turning heads? I know it’s been a long time, but dig deep and remember. A good pair of leggings will hide anything you want hidden. They are, by far, the biggest confidence-booster I own. Lululemon offers a great selection of confidence-boosting leggings starting at $88, with a variety of sizes, styles and patterns. You could also check out the leggings sold by Gap, Athleta and J.Crew.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

I never in a million years thought I would buy fake hair! But that I did and I have zero regrets. You see, my hair is just not my hair anymore. Too much bleaching, hormonal imbalance, three kids — I don’t know why, but my hair is flat, thinner than ever and breaking off around my face. So, I went ahead and purchased a set of clip-in hair extensions, thinking I would only wear them once in a blue moon. As soon as I tried them on, however, I was quickly transported back to my late 20s, when my hair was thick and luscious and long, and I loved everything about how I felt and looked with my new fake locks. I certainly took my great hair for granted back then, but I do not take these hair extensions for granted at all. I will admit wearing the full set of seven pieces feels a bit too fake and heavy for me, so I opt to wear two pieces just in the front, where I need the extra volume most. No one has ever noticed that it is not my hair and I secretly feel a small pang of fleeting guilt every time someone tells me how great my hair looks but ,hey, we deserve to feel good, beautiful and young — even if it’s a bit enhanced. A great way to get accustomed to the world of hair extensions is to start with a clip-in ponytail, which typically sells for about $35 on up. 


Speaking of hair, if you really want to time-travel back to your teen years, go ahead and pick up a bottle of Sun-In because, yes, they still sell it. I don’t suggest actually using it unless your ideal hair color includes orange, brassy highlights, but it would be fun to show our kids, wouldn’t it? Put it on a shelf in your bathroom and blast some Guns N’ Roses while you tease your hair, just because you can. And while you’re at it, teach your daughters a thing or two about primping hair and do-it-yourself highlights. If your high-school memories of orange highlights frighten you to this day, go ahead and reach for the lemon juice to enhance your natural highlights.  

Sunflowers Perfume

This was my scent in high school, but if it wasn’t yours, simply substitute your own and spray as needed. Scents are powerful and immediately flood us with memories. I stumbled across Sunflowers at T.J. Maxx recently and didn’t buy it for myself, but I have been thinking of it ever since. It isn’t about how I want to smell but how I want to feel, and the next time I come across it, I will most definitely pick up a bottle to wear with pride as I unleash my inner teen. If Sunflowers isn’t your favorite, try a more subtle scent like this Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist from Bath & Body Works for $15.50.  

Roller Skates

I recently took a trip with my kids to the local indoor roller rink and strapped on some good old- fashioned four-wheel skates, and we skated around and around under a disco ball with a live DJ spinning some great tunes. I initially thought I would take just a few trips around the rink and then rest and scroll on my phone, but I could not stop skating. While I was skating, my mind stopped and focused only on the here and now and the exhilarating fun I was having. Nothing is more youthful than being 100 percent in the moment, so don’t be afraid to hop on a bike, skate around a park, or take out that old Hula-Hoop (weighted Hula-Hoops are best) and give it your all. You can buy a nice pair of skates on Amazon for as little as $49. If you have a little (okay, a lot) more in your budget for fun, Urban Outfitters sells some seriously stylish skates in the brightest colors for about $399.  

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