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6 Pieces of Technology That May Make Your Life Easier

Yes, here are a few items we don't want to live without!!

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Collage of tech products from the story
Elena Scotti
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Joke if you will about older people and technology. Sure, we may not have grown up glued to our phones like the current generation, but don’t doubt our savvy. As we age, if there are things that will make our lives just a little bit easier, we are on board! From smart ovens to new age home phones, on-demand cocktails and more, here are six pieces of technology we don’t want to live without.


It’s possible to get a good workout even if you are confined to your couch. Cubii is a compact elliptical that you can use while seated. Turn on your favorite show or put it under your desk and cycle while you work. An LCD screen will keep track of your progress.


Cooking as empty nesters or cooking for one can be more challenging than cooking for a family. This smart oven changes that. There’s an optional meal plan full of dishes like smoky BBQ salmon or truffle asparagus lasagna, for those who really don’t want to think about what to eat. Scan a QR code, and the smart oven will cook the meal to perfection. More of a chef? Think of this as a secondary, easier oven. Follow one of the recipes, hit start and the machine will automatically compute cooking time and temp. You can get all of the benefits of a regular oven, too, in tabletop size — toasting, broiling, baking and reheating.

Extend Home Adapter

Remember the days where you could set your cellphone aside and just use your home phone if you wanted to catch up with friends and family? Republic Wireless knows the feeling. The company's cellphone plans include unlimited home phone calling that allows you to use the same phone number for home phone calls as your cellphone, after the one-time cost of the Extend Home adapter.


Sometimes you just want a good cocktail without learning the skills of how to craft one. While you’re stuck at home, Bartesian solves that problem. Add your choice of spirit the way you’d add water to a Keurig and put in a pod mixed with the bitters or flavors that make up the cocktail of your choice. Push a button, and moments later you have the perfect mixed drink on demand.


We may have that “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” commercial stuck in our minds, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone check in on us every once in a while. And there’s no special device to wear. Snug is an easy-to-use free app that does a wellness check at the same time each day. If all is well, just respond and they’ll send back a motivational quote. If they can’t get ahold of you, they’ll start to text your emergency contacts. If you pay for the service, the dispatcher will call to make sure you are OK; if there’s no response, they’ll call your emergency contacts. Still no response? They’ll send someone your way to do a wellness check.


Pesky leaks, a constantly running toilet, and excess water use can be annoying and drive a water bill sky high. This device attaches to your current water meter and will alert your phone if it spots a leak or notices something is off. There is even a feature to budget amounts for your monthly water bill, and it’ll let you know if you are getting close to maxing out your budget. If a leak is spotted, the app will walk you through how to fix it in just a few minutes.

Photo credits: Clockwise from top right, Courtesy Tovala; Courtesy Republic Wireless; Getty Images; Courtesy Flume; Getty Images (2); Courtesy Cubii. Center, Courtesy Bartesian.

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