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50 Things Women Over 60 Google About Sex

These searches may surprise you.

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Internet search terms related to sex over 60
Mark Butchko
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Feel free to admit it: When you were younger, you probably didn't want to entertain the idea of older couples having sex — let alone imagine the age 60-version of yourself getting it on. But now? Yes, please.

At this age, you have deeper intimacy with your partner and don't have to worry about pregnancy or pesky menopausal hot flashes. Bonus: Fewer distractions with the kids and work, and flat-out more opportunities to get busy. Viva the golden years!

That's how it goes in your head anyway. The reality is that sex at certain age brings a whole new slew of questions and issues and worries. The upside is that there's a handy 24/7 resource available to help — one that didn't even exist in the world when you endured your first round of sex-ed agita.

We already use Google for everything from researching the benefits of the spiffiest spin bikes to looking up driving directions to that new Italian restaurant you heard good things about. But the best part about the uber-popular search engine with its alluring clean white home page is its ability to deliver quick, easy and nonjudgmental answers in a blink ... and often with research to back it up.

And while Google is no substitute for your personal doctor, it's reassuring to know that it's there for you in the middle of the night when your wheels are spinning (and your body isn't cooperating when you need it the most).

You may clear your search history about sex, but there's no need to clear your conscience. Everybody does it. After researching popular keywords on Google and surveying friends and coworkers 60 and older, I present 50 examples of what people are searching for most. It's not an official list, but we're pretty certain you've Googled a few of these phrases yourself.

1. “Can sex still be good in your 60s?”

2. “Quick cures for vaginal dryness"

3. “Did menopause kill my sex drive?"

4. “How to naturally enhance your libido"

5. “What age does a man stop getting an erection?"

6. “Does the hole really close up if you stop having sex?”

7. “How often do married couples over 60 make love?”

8. “Vibrators for seniors"

9. “Does vaginal estrogen help?”

10. “Tips for quicker orgasms”

11. “Yeast infections in my 60s"

12. “Penis pump”

13. “Can I get a heart attack from sex?”

14. “Sex scene in ‘Something's Gotta Give’ “

15. “Orgasm and bladder control”

16. “Best sex therapists near me"

17. “Best sex positions if you have arthritis”

18. “Do I still need to wear a condom if I'm in my 60s?”

19. “Can sex lower my blood pressure?"

20. “How to be sexy without intercourse"

21. “At what age does a woman stop being sexually active?”

22. “Is sex better when you're older?"

23. “Physical health benefits of sex"

24. “Emotional health benefits of sex”

25. “STDs in older men”

26. “Can sex still be good without an erection?"

27. “Why is sex so painful when you're older?"

28. “How to turn on my older partner"

29. “Can a G-spot change as you age?”

30. “What do older guys like in bed?”

31. “Sex and older adults: statistics”

32. “Are older men on Tinder?”

33. “Sex for seniors books"

34. “Average frequency of sex by age"

35. “Gray hair down there"

36. “How to still get in the mood”

37. “How to talk to my older partner about sex”

38. “What is uterine prolapse?”

39. “How to treat back pain after sex"

40. “Side effects of Lipitor and sex"

41. “Sex and cancer link after 60"

42. “How to modernize my sex life”

43. “Flattering lingerie for seniors”

44. “Natural ways to relax during sex”

45. “Best over-the-counter lubricants”

46. “Should I still have sex if I'm diabetic?"

47. “Why can't my partner turn me on anymore?"

48. “Is it safe to have sex if it's been awhile?”

49. “Does a lack of sex cause aging?”

50. “Viagra”

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