How to Rejuvenate Your Nighttime Routine 
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How to Rejuvenate Your Nighttime Routine 

These practices will help you end the day feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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It’s easy to feel exhausted and depleted after a long day spent juggling an endless to-do list. Taking a few moments to pause before bedtime will not only help you enjoy more restful sleep, it can also help you start tomorrow feeling renewed and energized. Here are some easy ways to rejuvenate and relax before bedtime. 

Silence notifications on your devices  
Each time our phone pings, our bodies experience a rush of adrenaline, increasing our heart rate and muscle tension. This can lead to a constant state of stress that sabotages sleep. You don’t need to be available for the latest social media update 24/7. Hang up a virtual “do not disturb” sign a couple of hours before bedtime. 

Close down the kitchen  
Nighttime snacking can throw off your body’s natural circadian rhythms, disrupting sleep and even leading to weight gain. After your post-dinner snack of fruit or a couple of squares of dark chocolate, call it quits on munching. 

Eliminate sources of blue light two hours before you hit the hay 
Just as the light of dawn awakens us, the dimming of light cues our bodies to produce melatonin, a hormone that reduces alertness and preps us for slumber. The kind of blue light emitted by our electronic devices is especially disruptive. You can filter out some of this blue light by lowering the brightness of your screens, choosing nighttime settings, or donning glasses with orange lenses. 
Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary and wash away the day 
The last stop before bed is typically the bathroom for our nighttime routine of cleansing, brushing, and flossing. You can make these moments a holistic, restorative experience. Try replacing your ordinary shower head with a therapeutic massage shower head. Add a few spa-like touches – plush towels, a potted fern or orchid, relaxing music, and a candle or essential oil diffuser that imparts a calming aroma. Splurge on a scented soap that transports you to the beach, a cabin in the woods, or a field of flowers. Spend a few moments focused on the feeling of warm water against your skin as you inhale that fragrance. 

Turn your shower routine into a therapeutic experience 
A few moments spent under cascading water is one of the most enjoyable and restful ways to end the day. Elevate your shower experience with the Waterpik One-Touch Dual Shower System. The two-in-one dual shower head system lets you switch easily from the Rainfall shower to the Handheld shower (or both at the same time!) with one simple push of a button. This shower head goes beyond making your nighttime shower more enjoyable – it actually provides therapeutic benefits. It has a total of eight different spray settings, including the PowerPulse Therapeutic Strength Massage setting clinically shown to help soothe muscle tension, increase flexibility, and promote restful sleep.* A cost-efficient way to get the most out of your shower on a nightly basis, this shower head seriously upgrades your wellness routine. Plus, installation only takes a few minutes. 

Click here to buy your Waterpik® One-Touch Dual Shower System for $69.98.  


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